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Boardface (2003)

  1. Out Here In The Cold 
  2. True To You 
  3. The Only Thing I Know 
  4. Wonder Why You Want Her 
  5. What Do You Want? 
  6. Out Of My Mind 
  7. Here In This Place 
  8. Waiting For You 
  9. Loath To Refuse 
  10. Noir Excursion 
  11. Baby 
  12. Waiting For You (Reprise)


Like Drawing Blood (2006)

  1. Like Drawing Blood
  2. The Only Way 
  3. Hearts A Mess 
  4. Coming Back 
  5. Thanks For Your Time 
  6. Learnalilgivinanlovin 
  7. Puzzle With A Piece Missing 
  8. Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver
  9. The Only Thing I Know 
  10. Night Drive 
  11. Worn Out Blues 


Making Mirrors (2011)

  1. Making Mirrors 
  2. Easy Way Out 
  3. Somebody That I Used To Know 
  4. Eyes Wide Open 
  5. Smoke And Mirrors 
  6. I Feel Better 
  7. In Your Light 
  8. State Of The Art 
  9. Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You 
  10. Giving Me A Chance 
  11. Save Me 
  12. Bronte 


     Dig Your Own Hole 

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